the story behind the name


My name is Quinnet White, I am the Founder of Gifted5Qts.  Though we are a family of seven, Tavin, Quinnet, Giovanni, Maliyah, Nicca, Onna, and Carrieonna, our small family business is currently employed by myself and my husband doing the IT work.  Hopefully, one day when I have a little more patience, our children will be able to assist.  I’m not there yet 😊


It all started 4 years ago, in 2017. My husband and I were headed over to my Mother-in-laws, when all sudden we spotted a little girl walking down the street.   We chatted with her and told her since it was getting late, she needs to return home.  We followed her home to ensure she made it safely, but she was a clever little 5-year-old.  She told us one house but ran into another.